I sell a small collection of handmade goods through my online Etsy shop, “Made by Katrina”. I offer original fiber art, craft kits, signed copies of my books, and the occasional small batch collection of handmade or plant-dyed goods. My kits and books are intended to support folks in their journey towards creativity, sustainability, and embracing traditional craft techniques like mending, stitching, dyeing and more.


Exciting New Offer: Seasonal Subscription Craft Kits

I’m thrilled to offer a new seasonal subscription kit program. At the start of each season, I’ll open a limited number of three-month subscriptions for three monthly craft kits. Each participant will receive one craft kit each month for three months complete with the materials, instructions, and sample photographs to make each kit. This is my attempt at creating a solution for folks who cannot attend my classes in-person or who haven’t been able to grab one of my kits online before they sell out. I want to share knowledge, materials, and support you on your journey towards slow fashion, sustainable living, and fiber arts. I’m hoping these kits will be a way to support folks regardless of location or timezone.

(Please note: Spring Subscriptions will open on March 20, 2019 at 12-noon EST and will only remain available until April 15, 2019 or until they sell out, whichever comes first. Please read below. Thank you!)

Kit 1: Sashiko Design Kit:
The first kit will be a Sashiko Design Kit very similar to the kits I offer in my Visible Mending workshops and that have been so popular in my online shop. (Aside from the possibility of a small batch offered in early December for holiday gifts, this will be the only place to buy my Sashiko Design Kits while the subscription program is active.) This kit includes one printed tutorial pamphlet, one full-color postcard, one skein of Sashiko thread, two Sashiko needles, three small pre-cut fabric squares (about 7×7 inches), and one fabric pencil. This kit results in an adorable, hand-stitched, Tea Quilt or coffee coaster.

Kit 2: Mending Kit:
The second kit will be a Visible Mending Kit complete with plant-dyed patches and one complete tutorial sharing my Visible Mending technique. The focus of this kit is providing a written guide, my favorite materials, and beautiful hand-dyed patches for your mending project. This kit includes one printed tutorial pamphlet, one full-color postcard, one skein of Sashiko thread, two Sashiko needles, and two beautiful patches dyed by me with natural dyes. (This would be a great addition to my new book, Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More, published on October 16, 2018.)

Kit 3: Natural Dye Stitch Kit:
The third kit will be a Natural Dye Stitch Kit complete with the naturally-dyed fabric and materials to make one small pincushion complete with hand-stitching. This kit will include two different dyed fabrics from whole plants grown in my garden, foraged in nearby fields or forests, or preserved from food scraps from my kitchen. I’ll be sure to note details about the fabrics in the kit such as “Dyed with Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers from my garden”, etc. Fabrics will change in color according to the seasons and which dye plants I have available. This kit includes one printed tutorial pamphlet, one full-color postcard, one skein of Sashiko thread, two Sashiko needles, two small pre-cut fabric squares naturally-dyed by me (about 4×4 inches), and the shaved walnut shells and organic dried lavender needed to stuff the cushion.

Subscription Schedule:
Summer Subscriptions open on the summer solstice, June 21, 2018 at 3pm EST
Kits ship on or about July 15, August 15, and September 15, 2018

Autumn Subscriptions open just before the fall equinox, September 20, 2018 at 12pm EST
Kits ship on or about October 15, November 15, and December 15, 2018

Winter Subscriptions open before the winter solstice, December 15, 2018 at 12pm EST
Kits ship on or about January 15, February 15, March 15, 2019

Spring Subscriptions open on the spring equinox, March 20, 2019 at 12pm EST
Kits ship on or about April 15, May 15, and June 15, 2019

Payment & Shipping Details:
Each three-month subscription is $150 plus shipping, due in full at the time of purchase. This includes exclusive subscription kits distributed over three months as listed above.

Subscriptions may be purchased for a friend but all three months must go to one address only. If you’d like to give one kit only as a gift, please have all three kits shipped to your house as part of your 3-month subscription and then resend. I am not able to send individual kits to separate addresses–each subscription will go to one address only. Thank you for understanding. Upon subscribing, your seasonal subscription will include shipping costs for three shipments which will be reflected in the total shipping costs (Ex: $15 for three shipments or $5/ shipment for US addresses). Also, remember that I use biodegradable, sustainable packaging for shipping and it costs a bit more than the standard mixed-materials envelopes.

Limited Availability:
I’m hoping to offer these subscriptions for 12 months, meaning I’ll offer seasonal subscriptions from summer 2018 through spring 2019 (summer 2018, fall 2018, winter 2019, spring 2019). If I can continue the subscription program or not will depend on several factors including time, cost, demand, materials availability, and my commitments for 2019 and beyond. This will be the only place to purchase my homemade design kits online while the program is active, with the exception of a very small batch of kits available through my online shop in early December for holiday gifts.

I will offer a very limited number of subscriptions each season–just 40 to get started. So if you’re interested, please be sure to set your alarms and refresh your browsers when they are released on the dates listed above. As always, newsletter subscribers get details first. I cannot be held responsible for technical errors, computer glitches, or browsers that do not refresh automatically. I’ll have the kits available exactly at the minute I’ve promised. Pinky swear. If they don’t show up on your computer, please refresh your browser.

Refunds and Returns:
There will be no refunds or returns for subscriptions. The only exception will be if I am unable to fulfill orders for some unforeseen reason–like the postal service goes on strike forever. Otherwise, I’ll ship as promised and will not accept refunds or returns. Please review the details, sizes, quantities, and materials included in the kits. Thank you for supporting a small, independent, woman-owned, eco-friendly, creative business.

To browse my online shop, please visit: “Made by Katrina”. If the shop is currently on vacation, be sure to choose the “be notified when this shop returns from vacation” option so you’ll get a notice when I’m open for business again. Thank you!