I sell a small collection of goods through my online Etsy shop, “Made by Katrina”. Collections are usually limited-edition, small-batch, and only offered a few times each year. I sell original artwork, craft kits, signed copies of my books, or the occasional handmade or plant-dyed object. My kits and books are intended to support folks in their journey towards creativity, sustainability, and embracing traditional fiber craft techniques like mending, stitching, and dyeing.


Exciting New Offer: Mending Tool Kits
I’m so excited to offer a small-batch of Mending Tool Kits complete with some of my favorite mending tools and materials. I spent months designing these one-of-a-kind fabric zipper pouches with the textiles in my studio: Hand-dyed linen and cotton fabrics; beautiful printed or woven fabric off cuts from my mending workshops; and an organic cotton/ hemp denim fabric blend for the pouch bottom. Each pouch is lined and closes with a fabric/ metal zipper. These are as close as I’ve come to creating a zero-waste studio as they allow me to use my favorite off cuts to make something even more beautiful.

Each Pouch Contains:
-An original, finished, one-of-a-kind, patchwork zipper pouch measuring approx. 8″ x 8″
-Three skeins of 100% cotton Sashiko thread (white, navy, blue)
-Two sturdy, metal Sashiko needles
-A custom pocket notebook made in the USA with recycled papers
-A custom (biodegradable) wooden ruler made in the USA
-A wooden fabric pencil (as low-waste packaging as possible)
-A color postcard with sample mending photos
-Three small mending patches

These pouches were designed by me and sewn by my studio assistant in her studio in the Hudson Valley of NY. Each pouch is unique but offers a sample of beloved fabrics carefully arranged to make a beautiful case for mending tools. You’ll need your own scissors, patches, pencil sharpener, straight pins, and possibly pliers depending on your mending project. I’m so delighted to offer this Mending Tool Kit. This kit is the only kit that offers a finished zipper pouch, three skeins of thread, and custom notebook. It does not contain any tutorials or printed instructions as it’s primarily a tool kit with a finished pouch. (This would be a great addition to my new book, Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch, and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More, published on October 16, 2018.)

Value: Each Mending Tool Kit contains a one-of-a-kind, finished, patchwork zipper pouch and all the tools listed above and is valued at $100 plus shipping. Kits can be purchased through my Etsy Shop when available.

Shop Update: The next small batch of Mending Tool Kits will be listed in my Etsy Shop just before the Summer Solstice at 12pm noon EST on Thursday, June 18, 2020. There are only 30 one-of-a-kind kits available so please be sure to set your alarms, refresh your web browser, and be ready to purchase when they are listed. They’re really special tool kits and I’m thrilled to be able to offer 30 of them. Thank you so much.



Sashiko Design Kit/ Tea Quilts:
The Sashiko Design Kit is very similar to the kits I offer in my Visible Mending workshops and that have been popular in my online shop. This kit includes one printed tutorial pamphlet, one full-color postcard, one skein of white Sashiko thread, two Sashiko needles, three small pre-cut fabric squares (about 7×7 inches), one custom wooden ruler made in USA, and one fabric pencil. This kit results in a hand-stitched, Tea Quilt or coffee coaster once you’ve finished. Each Tea Quilt Kit is valued at $50 plus shipping. They can be purchased directly through my Etsy shop.

Natural Dye Stitch Kit/ Pincushion:
The Natural Dye Stitch Kit comes complete with the naturally-dyed fabric and materials to make one small pincushion with hand-stitching. This kit includes two different dyed fabrics from whole plants grown in my garden, foraged nearby, or preserved from food scraps. I’ll note details about the fabrics in the kit such as “Dyed with marigolds from my garden”, etc. Fabrics will change in color according to the seasons and which dye plants I have available. This kit includes one printed tutorial pamphlet, one full-color postcard, one skein of Sashiko thread, two Sashiko needles, two small pre-cut fabric squares naturally-dyed by me (about 4×4 inches), one custom wooden ruler made in USA, and the shaved walnut shells and organic dried lavender needed to stuff the cushion. Each Pincushion Kit is valued at $50 plus shipping. They can be purchased directly through my Etsy shop.

Craft Kit Schedule:
I aim to update my shop at the start of each season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. For exact dates please join my online newsletter. The next shop update will be just before the Summer Solstice on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 12pm noon EST. I will have 30 Mending Tool Kits and 40 new Darning Tool Kits available.

My online shop is created to carry limited-edition, small-batch, thoughtfully-made goods as I am able to design, make, dye, and secure supplies. I only offer these kits directly through my shop and not through wholesalers to allow me more flexibility, lower retail prices, and more customized goods. If you see something you like in the shop, please don’t delay as it might not be readily available again. Thank you so much!

Payment & Shipping Details:
Payment for each kit is due in full at the time of purchase. I’ll include the cost of shipping in the final payment. Also, remember that I use biodegradable, sustainable packaging for shipping and it costs a bit more than the standard mixed-materials envelopes. I do my best to maintain an eco-friendly studio using biodegradable, recycled, and low-waste packaging whenever possible.

Limited Availability:
This will remain the only place to purchase my homemade design kits online. I do not wholesale my kits as I only sell directly. This allows me to keep costs low, to have higher oversight with quality control, and to communicate directly with my customers.

I will offer a very limited number of kits each season–just 20-50 kits with each shop update. So if you’re interested, please be sure to set your alarms and refresh your browsers when they are released on the dates listed above. As always, newsletter subscribers get details first. I cannot be held responsible for technical errors, computer glitches, or browsers that do not refresh automatically. I’ll have the kits available when I’ve promised. If they don’t show up on your computer, please refresh your browser.

Refunds and Returns:
There will be NO REFUNDS or returns for my kits. The only exception will be if I am unable to fulfill orders for some unforeseen reason–like the postal service goes on strike forever. Otherwise, I’ll ship as promised and will not accept refunds or returns. If something arrives damaged, please contact me within 7 days of receiving and send a photo of the damage– the entire kit with all contents and original packaging would need to be returned within 30 days if refund request was accepted. No exceptions. Please review the details, sizes, quantities, and materials included in the kits. Thank you for supporting a small, independent, woman-owned, eco-friendly, creative business.

To browse my online shop, please visit: “Made by Katrina”. If the shop is currently on vacation, be sure to choose the option “be notified when this shop returns from vacation” so you’ll get a notice when it’s open for business again. Thank you!