I write. I teach. I make art. I rethink fashion.

Oftentimes I do all these things interchangeably as one informs the other. I publish articles, I write books, for the year of 2017 I wrote a monthly blog column focused on my slow fashion heroes, and I stitch my poems into the seams and pockets of my homemade garments. Text is a huge part of my creative work, even if it’s not always visible in the final object. I earned an MFA in Creative Writing with a focus in poetry and book arts–this was also my formal arts training in fiber arts though I never took a fiber arts class, but that’s a longer story I save for workshops and retreats. Some of the places you can find my written work:

My Book:
The Paper Playhouse: Awesome Art Projects for Kids Using Paper, Boxes and Books

Select Magazines & Blogs:

“Slow Fashion Citizen”, monthly column, Fringe Association Blog, 2/17-12/17
“Mendfulness”, Taproot Magazine, Issue 11: Mend
“Tracing Memory”, Plants are Magic, Volume 2: Local Plants
“Poetry is the Process”, Viz. Inter-Arts, Interventions
“By the path…”, From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens